Clean up resources

Clear stack using AWS CloudFormation console

  1. Open the AWS CloudFormation console

  2. In the Stack page of AWS CloudFormation, select the Stack that you want to delete

  3. Select Delete

  4. Select Delete stack

Delete Repository

  1. Open the Amazon ECR console

  2. On the navigation bar, select Region containing the repository to be deleted

  3. Select Repository

  4. In the Repository page, select Private

  5. Select Repository to delete and select Delete

  6. Verify delete Repository and select Delete

Delete EKSCluster

  1. Open Amazon EKS console page

  2. Select the cluster to delete and select Delete

  3. Verify cluster deletion and select Delete

Delete an AWS Cloud9 environment using the AWS Cloud9 console

  1. Select AWS Cloud9 and select Go TO Your Dashboard
  2. Select the environment to delete and select Delete
  3. Verify the deletion of the environment by entering Delete and selecting Delete. The environment will be deleted after a few minutes.